Daheng Imaging Industrial Vision Cameras

Daheng Imaging Corporate Movie

USP of Daheng Imaging, industrial camera manufacturer

* Low priced industrial vision camera's (30-50% cheaper than competitors) *
* Large product portfolio
(Many sensors from Sony, Sharp and OnSemi) *
* Excellent support
(commercial, indesign and technical support) *
* Proven product life cycle management
(minimum of 7 years) *

Scale of Economy

Right now, Daheng Imaging is Chinas largest machine vision camera manufacturer. Due to larges production volumes of industrial vision cameras, Daheng Imaging is able to produce the industrial vision cameras cheaper than European competitors. The high production volume of the industrial vision cameras combined with strong relationships with sensor manufacturers result in very low prices.

No overhead features

Daheng Imaging only uses features on the industrial vision cameras that are standard. Features which are not necessary will not be implemented on the industrial vision cameras to reduce the costs. Of course, standard features like gain, white balance control and exposure are implemented.
Reducing the number of features results in lower developments costs, and less hardware is needed. This results is lower prices and more resources for a larger product portfolio.


Daheng Imaging believes in the quality of their cameras. Instead of the common 2 year warranty, Daheng Imaging is able to offer a 3 year warranty. This is because of the strong quality procedures during design and manufacturing. Every camera gets tested before leaving the factory, they undergo a 7-day test in humid an hot environment. After this aging test, the cameras undergo a 72-hours full load test in-house.

Product life cycle management

The proven track record runs from the start of the company. After more than 25 years it is still possible to buy the first developed analog frame grabbers from Daheng Imaging. Every camera model Daheng imaging manufactures is designed to be available for at least 7 years.

Daheng Imaging, industrial vision camera manufacturer

Daheng Imaging, an industrial vision camera manufacturer was founded in 1991 in China. It has grown significant and is currently China's largest machine vision camera manufacturer. Daheng Imaging is dedicated to vision technologies, advancements of imaging and developing their own machine vision cameras.

Currently the team has more than 700 employees, whereof 40% of these employees have a master degree. 200 of these employees work in the research and development team. Daheng Imaging has patented technologies and innovation ability regarding the industrial vision cameras they manufacture.

Buy a camera manufactured by Daheng Imaging at GeT Cameras

GeT Cameras exclusively sells industrial vision cameras manufactured by Daheng Imaging. GeT Cameras and Daheng Imaging have a very strong partnership and shared resources. Therefore GeT Cameras can supply industrial vision cameras fast and for very competitive pricing (30-50% cheaper than competitors). Commercial and indesign support is provided by GeT Cameras. Technical support will be provided directly by Daheng Imaging, making sure you get the best support possible.

GeT Cameras online machine vision camera store

GeT Cameras has its head office and distribution center located in Eindhoven, Netherlands. All goods are send from the Netherlands to customers worldwide. GeT Cameras has also a sales offices in the UK and Germany. The industrial vision cameras from Daheng Imaging are sold in the online store of get-cameras.com. All prices on the website of GeT Cameras are single piece prices up to 199pieces. Starting at 200pieces single order GeT Cameras can make special pricing. Please note that GeT Cameras handles a minimum of 49euro shipping/handling fee for each order. European businesses, who are not established in the Netherlands, with a valid VAT number are able to purchase industrial machine vision cameras manufactured by Daheng Imaging excluding VAT from GeT Cameras.

Do you need support from GeT Cameras with selecting a camera?

The website of GeT Cameras, their Machine Vision Blog and the FAQ area already provide extensive information regarding the industrial vision cameras manufactured by Daheng Imaging. Both newest technologies and basic steps to select the best industrial vision camera for your machine vision application or OEM product.
GeT Cameras is more than happy to support you with selecting the best industrial vision camera and lens combination for your application. GeT Cameras has many years of machine vision knowledge in house. They can think out of the box and will always keep your budget in mind. You can contact GeT Cameras by email or phone. GeT Cameras can help you with selecting the best industrial machine vision camera manufactured by Daheng Imaging for you.